Urine with a pink to red color may be due to a number of factors.


Endogenous sources:

(1) bile

(2) porphyrins (especially in patients with porphyria)

(3) urates

(4) hemoglobin or blood


Medication sources:

(1) aminopyrine

(2) deferoxamine mesylate

(3) diphenylhydantoin

(4) methyldopa

(5) phenazopyridine (with acid urine, orange in alkaline urine)

(6) phenothiazines

(7) phenolsulfonphththalein (used to test renal function)

(8) chlorzoxazone

(9) ethoxazene

(10) levodopa (turns brown)

(11) metronidazole



(1) beet pigment (beta-cyanine, "beeturia")

(2) blackberries

(3) vegetable dyes


Chemical dye:

(1) Rhodamine B


Purgatives or cathartics:

(1) cascara (anthraquinone laxative)

(2) phenolphthalein (with alkaline urine; purple in acid urine)

(3) senna (anthraquinone laxative)


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