Virilization and/or hirsutism in a female may be due to a number of causes.


Benign ovarian lesions:

(1) polycystic ovary syndrome

(2) hyperthecosis

(3) luteoma of pregnancy

(4) hyperreactio luteinalis


Ovarian tumors:

(1) steroid cell tumor arising in an adrenal cortical rest

(2) Sertoli Leydig cell tumor

(3) luteinized thecoma

(4) dysgerminoma

(5) gonadoblastoma

(6) adult granulose cell tumor

(7) hilus cell tumor

(8) tumors with functional stroma during pregnancy (Krukenberg, mucinous cystic, Brenner)


Adrenal lesions:

(1) congenital or adult-onset adrenal hyperplasia (21 hydroxylase deficiency, 11-beta hydroxylase deficiency, 3-beta hydroxysteroid dehydrogenase deficiency)

(2) cortical adenoma

(3) cortical adenocarcinoma


Pituitary adenoma with Cushing syndrome, hyperprolactinemia, or acromegaly



(1) phenytoin

(2) diazoxide

(3) anabolic steroids

(4) progestens

(5) danazol



(1) menopause

(2) idiopathic


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