de Latour et al listed criteria for different categories of Paroxysmal Nocturnal Hemoglobinuria (PNH). The authors are from the French Society of Hematology and French Association of Young Hematologists.


Patient selection: PNH



(1) classic

(2) aplastic anemia (AA-PNH)

(3) intermediate


Classic category:

(1) intravascular hemolysis without bone marrow failure

(2) anemia (hemoglobin < 12 g/dL) AND/OR thrombosis

(3) absolute neutrophil count > 1,500 per µL

(4) platelet count > 120,000 per µL


Aplastic anemia category – at least 2 of the following cytopenias:

(1) anemia (hemoglobin < 10 g/dL)

(2) absolute neutrophil count <= 1,000 per µL

(3) platelet count <= 100,000 per µL


A patient who did not meet criteria for classic or aplastic anemia categories was designated intermediate.

(1) anemia without thrombosis and other cytopenia

(2) solitary cytopenia with other lineages normal or in intermediate category (hemoglobin 10 to 11.9 g/dL, absolute neutrophil count 1,001 to 1,500 per µL, platelet count 100,001 to 120,000 per µL)


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