A patient with the Cardiovocal Syndrome may present with chronic hoarseness.


Synonym: Ortner's syndrome


Clinical features:

(1) chronic hoarseness due to paralysis of the recurrent laryngeal nerve, usually on the left side

(2) underlying cardiovascular disease causing compression of the recurrent laryngeal nerve


Some patients may also experience dysphagia.


Conditions that can cause the cardiovocal syndrome by compressing the laryngeal nerve:

(1) congenital heart disease with left-to-right shunt, pulmonary hypertension and distention of the pulmonary artery (including ventricular septal defect, mitral stenosis, secundum atrial septal defect)

(2) aortic pseudoaneurysm following trauma

(3) aortic aneurysm with or without dissection

(4) giant cell arteritis

(5) mitral stenosis with left atrial enlargement

(6) iatrogenic following transcatheter coil closure of a patent ductus arteriosus

(7) mycotic aortic aneurysm following Salmonella sepsis


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