A patient who is participating in a cardiac rehabilitation program must undergo a medical evaluation before starting and during the program, especially there is a high risk cardiac condition.


Contraindications for participating in a cardiac rehabilitation program:

(1) unstable angina or acute myocardial infarction

(2) resting systolic blood pressure > 200 mm Hg

(3) resting diastolic blood pressure > 100 mm Hg

(4) severe aortic stenosis

(5) acute pericarditis

(6) acute myocarditis

(7) severe noncardiac disease

(7a) acute renal failure

(7b) severe anemia

(7c) uncontrolled diabetes

(7d) acute stroke

(7e) recent pulmonary embolism

(7f) significant thrombophlebitis

(8) uncontrolled tachycardia > 100 beats per minute

(9) uncontrolled atrial or ventricular arrhythmia

(10) moderate to severe congestive heart failure

(11) untreated third degree heart block

(12) unexplained drop in resting systolic blood pressure >= 20 mm Hg

(13) orthopedic impediment to exercise

(14) abnormal ECG with ST segment displacement > 3 mm


Some of these contraindications are absolute. Others are modifiable or will revert with time.


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