Prophylactic antibiotic therapy may be indicated for a person who has had contact with a symptomatic patient infected with Bordetella pertussis.


Indications for prophylactic antibiotic therapy - one or both of the following:

(1) close contact with a symptomatic patient

(2) any contact by a person at high risk for severe disease or complicated clinical course


A person is considered to have a close contact if there has been:

(1) face-to-face exposure within 3 feet of a symptomatic patient (associated with exposure to respiratory droplets)

(2) direct contact with respiratory, oral or nasal secretions from a symptomatic patient

(3) close proximity to a symptomatic patient in a confined space for >= 1 hour


Respiratory droplets > 5 microns in diameter may be generated during:

(1) coughing

(2) sneezing

(3) talking

(4) during suctioning

(5) during bronchoscopy


A person wearing adequate personal protective equipment should be protected from respiratory droplets.


Direct contact with secretions may occur through:

(1) sharing food and eating utensils

(2) mouth-to-mouth resuscitation

(3) medical examination of nose, mouth and/or throat


Persons at high risk for severe disease or a complicated clinical course:

(1) infant <= 12 months of age, especially if unvaccinated or partially vaccinated

(2) immunodeficiency or immunosuppression

(3) lung disease (chronic lung disease, respiratory insufficiency, cystic fibrosis)

(4) woman in third trimester of pregnancy (page 4)


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