Exubera (Pfizer) is an inhaled insulin is administered prior to a meal based on the patients body weight.


Formulations of Exubera:

(1) 1 mg blister pack (with 1 raised marking)

(2) 3 mg blister pack (with 3 raised markings)


Only 1 blister can be used for each inhalation.


Drug delivery differs between the 2 types of blister packs. 3 one mg unit blisters delivers 30-40% more insulin than a single 3 mg blister.


Dosing: three times a day (TID), just prior to a meal


mg of inhaled insulin per dose =

= (0.05 * (body weight in kilograms))



• The body weight used appears to be actual body weight rather than the ideal body weight (IBW).


number of 3 mg units to use =

= INTEGER(dose/3)


number of 1 mg units to use =

= ROUND((total dose) - (3 * (number of 3 mg units)))


If hypoglycemia is a problem then a lower dose should be used.


Reasons for less than an expected response:

(1) moisture in the device chamber

(2) exposure to high levels of environmental smoke

(3) improper inhalation technique


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