The duration of a hemodialysis treatment can be calculated from the patient's body dimensions, the treatment goal and the dialyzer set-up characteristics.


hemodialyis treatment time in minutes =

= (target Kt/V) * (V in mL) / (in vivo K in mL/min)



• target Kt/V is typically at least 1.3 and usually higher

• K = in vivo urea clearance in mL/min, calculated from the hemodialyzer K0A, whole blood flow rate and dialysate-side solution flow rate (see above)

• V = urea distribution volume, corresponding to the total body water, in mL



• The in vivo clearance (K) is affected by the whole blood flow rate during the hemodialysis. If the blood flow rate is increased or decreased for some reason, then the dialysis treatment time needs to be increased or decreased accordingly.


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