Men find women with certain physical characteristics attractive. Men tend to like women with narrow waist and broader hips.


Maximum attractiveness for various measurements (based on Figures page 548):

(1) body mass index: 19 - 21 kg per square meter

(2) waist-to-hip ratio of 0.67 – 0.72 ("curvaceous")



• body mass index = (body weight in kilograms) / ((body height in meters)^2)

• waist-to-hip ratio = (circumference of waist in cm) / (circumference of hips in cm)


best fit model for attractiveness of female to men =

= 4.65 - (0.15 * (age of woman)) – (3.79 * (waist-to-hip ratio)) + (0.026 * (body mass index)) – (0.035 * ((body mass index)^2)) + (0.0014 * ((body mass index)^3))


Notes on best fit equation:

(1) When values are given that match the attractiveness data given in the figures, negative values are returned.

(2) The age of the women included in the evaluation was not given but would probably need to be restricted (?18 to 30).

(3) The best fit model is not terribly robust. Values not fitting the expected population tend to give a wide range of attractiveness values.


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