Bruns syndrome (BS, positional vomiting) is a rare and unusual phenomenon associated with an intracranial lesion.


Clinical features of Bruns syndrome:

(1) The presence of symptoms that are triggered by an abrupt movement of the head.

(2) Symptoms include vomiting, headache, ataxia and/or vertigo.

(3) The presence of a mobile intraventricular lesion that can trigger an episode of obstructive hydrocephalus when it is present in the right position to occlude flow of cerebrospinal fluid.

(4) Exclusion of other conditions that might explain headache, vomiting and/or vertigo.


Intraventricular lesions that can cause Bruns syndrome include:

(1) neurocysticercosis (a common cause in the tropics)

(2) intraventricular tumor


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