The Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL) is a recent term to an aesthetic augmentation procedure that has been done for some time, but which has become a fad.

The Brazilian Butt Lift is better defined as a subcutaneous buttock/gluteal augmentation.


It usually consists of injections of transferred autologous fat to achieve aesthetic gluteal contouring.


The procedure has also been performed with microspheres of an inert substance.


Unfortunately, the procedure has been associated with a number of deaths, especially in the Miami metropolitan region. The most common cause of death has been fat emboli, with other causes including sepsis, hemorrhage, stroke, organ perforation and cardic evetns. The risk factors for death include:

(1) a budget, high-volume clinic with lax operational controls

(2) unqualified clinician

(3) injecting fat into underlying gluteal muscle (rather than limiting it to the subcutaneous tissue)

(4) injecting material that is not sterile or safe


The risk has been low in certified surgeons following the guidelines established for the procedure by professional organizations.

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