The Braden scale can be used to identify those patients at risk for development of pressure ulcerations.

Parameters evaluated (6):

(1) sensory perception

(2) moisture

(3) activity

(4) mobility

(5) nutrition

(6) friction and shear


Each parameter is graded from 1 (markedly abnormal) to 4 (normal), except for item 6 which is scored from 1 to 3.


total score =

= SUM(points for all 6 parameters)



• maximum score 23 (best prognosis)

• minimum score 6 (worst prognosis)

• A patient is at risk for pressure ulcer if score <= 16.

• The breakpoint for determining risk for pressure ulcer may vary with patient population; in an ICU trauma population the breakpoint was found to be 11 rather than 16 (Jiricka, 1995).

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