Banerjee and Sen reported an equation for determining the body surface area (BSA) of Indians. this is a modification of the formula reported by Dubois and Dubois. The authors are from Presidency College in Calcutta.


body surface area in square centimeters =

= ((weight in kg)^(0.425)) * ((height in cm)^(0.725)) * (74.66)


body surface area in square meters =

= ((weight in kg)^(0.425)) * ((height in cm)^(0.725)) * (0.007466)



• 1 square cm is 0.0001 square meter

• The difference in the equation from that of Dubois and Dubois is the factor 74.66 vs 71.84.


When the left and right sides of the body are compared, the surface area of structures on the right side are greater (which may be related to handedness).


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