Blepharospasm-Oromandibular Dystonia (Meige’s Syndrome) is a rare dystonia syndrome that can be a challenge to diagnose.


Key clinical features:

(1) blepharospasm

(2) oromandibular dystonia (dystonic spasms/contractions of facial muscles and jaw muscles)


Additional findings:

(1) dry eye, which may be poorly-responsive to routine therapy

(2) spasm of neck and limb muscles

(3) action tremor


Risk factors:

(1) therapy with typical antipsychotic drugs (olanzapine, other)

(2) therapy with levodopa

(3) focal brain lesions (basal ganglia, diencephalon, brainstem)

(4) neurodegenerative disorder


Differential diagnosis:

(1) psychiatric disorder

(2) hemifacial spasm


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