Benign exertional headache refers to a headache that follows any form of exercise or physical exertion.


Synonyms: weight-lifter's headache



(1) The headache is specifically brought on by physical exercise.

(2) The headache is bilateral and throbbing at its onset.

(3) If the patient has a history of migraine, then the headache may progress to a migraine attack.

(4) The headache lasts from 5 minutes to 24 hours.

(5) The headache is prevented by avoiding excessive exertion. It may be prevented in some patients by pre-exercise ingestion of propanolol, indomethacin, ergotamine or methysergide.

(6) The risk for the headache may be increased at high altitudes or in hot weather.

(7) The headache is not associated with any systemic or intracranial disorder.


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