One intervention for preventing an outbreak of foodborne disease is to place barriers to reduce the spread of pathogens to foods.

Physical barriers:

(1) room design and ventilation to direct potential contaminated airflow away from foods

(2) food shields

(3) separate work clothing with gloves and hair nets

(4) utensils (spoon, forks, tongs, deli papers, etc) to prevent direct contact with food

(5) insect and animal control

(6) furniture and equipment selection based on the ability to sanitize


Chemical barriers:

(1) sanitizing solutions on surfaces

(2) laundering of uniforms, work clothes and soiled linens

(3) dishwashing

(4) cleaning of floors and carpets


Operational barriers:

(1) keeping the cashier role separate from food handling

(2) policies to avoid fomites

(3) work policies addressing the sick employee

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