Guns have a range in barrel lengths depending on the circumstances.

Long or full-length rifle with a 30-32 inch barrel:

(1) with a bayonet became a substitute for a pike against cavalry

(2) greater accuracy at long distances

(3) heavier

(4) more difficult to maneuver in a confined space


Carbine with a 17-20 inch barrel:

(1) shorter and more compact, suited for riding on horseback


Universal short rifle with a 24-26 inch barrel

(1) lighter

(2) benefits of a full-length rifle no longer relevant


With bullpup and other designs the barrel length is longer than it first appears because the receiver is placed back in the gun and only a small part of the barrel protrudes from the housing.



(1) weight

(2) ability to maneuver in a tight space

(3) accuracy

(4) overheating

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