Cutaneous leishmaniasis may involve the skin in many ways. It needs to be considered in the differential diagnosis of many dermatologic conditions in endemic countries.


Atypical dermal involvement in cutaneous leishmaniasis may include:

(1) annular

(2) chancriform

(3) discoid lupus erythematosus (DLE)-like

(4) eczematoid

(5) erysipeloid

(6) eyelid

(7) lupoid

(8) mucocutaneous

(9) mycetoma-like

(10) palmar/plantar

(11) paronychial

(12) psoriasiform

(13) scar

(14) sporotrichoid

(15) squamous cell carcinoma like

(16) verruciform

(17) whtilow

(18) zosteriform


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