Not everyone with stroke presents with classic signs and symptoms. Making the correct diagnosis can be a challenge.

Atypical presentations for stroke:

(1) neuropsychiatric symptoms

(2) acute confusional state

(3) altered level of consciousness

(4) abnormal movements

(5) limb-shaking transient ischemic attacks

(6) seizures

(7) alien hand syndrome

(8) localized asterixis

(9) isolated hemifacial spasms

(10) disappearance of a previous essential tremor

(11) acute vestibular syndrome

(12) cranial nerve palsy

(13) cortical hand or food syndrome (monoparesis)

(14) isolated dysarthria

(15) dysarthria-facial paresis syndrome

(16) cortical blindness with denial of deficit (Anton's syndrome)

(17) Balint's syndrome

(18) isolated visual field disturbance

(19) foreign accent syndrome

(20) isolated dysphagia or stridor

(21) isolated headache

(22) ataxia or gait disturbance

(23) isolated sensory symptoms

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