Couzigou et al reported risk factors for urolithiasis in HIV-positive patients treated with the protease inhibitor atazanavir. These can help identify a patient at increase risk for urinary tract lithiasis and may suggest ways to reduce the risk. The authors are from multiple hospitals in France.


Patient selection: HIV-positive and receiving atazanavir therapy


Diagnosis of atazanavir lithiasis: infrared spectrophotometry


Risk factors for urolithiasis:

(1) low fluid intake

(2) high urine pH (more alkaline)

(3) past history of urinary lithiasis


Potential risk factors:

(1) coinfection with HCV

(2) severe liver dysfunction


Interventions to reduce risk:

(1) low fluid intake: increase fluid intake

(2) high urine pH: acidify the urine

(3) past history of urinary lithiasis: control relevant risk factors


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