A patient with focal dermal hypoplasia should be carefully evaluated prior to surgery. Additional care may be needed during and after surgery.

Key Finding


verrucoid papillomas on the tonsils and/or pharynx

may impact endotracheal intubation

diaphragmatic hernia

may affect ventilation during surgery

renal anomalies (horseshoe kidney, absent kidney)

may affect renal function



Additional Findings


hypoplastic or atrophic areas of skin

additional care to prevent skin tearing

vertebral anomalies (butterfly vertebrae, hemivertebrae)

may impact cervical stability and/or spinal blocks

dental anomalies

may impact intubation

cleft palate


abdominal wall defect


ocular abnormalities and/or lacrimal duct abnormalities

additional eye protection

gastroesophageal reflux

may increase the risk of aspiration


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