Are you evaluating a patient?

Does the patient have?

• excessive fatigue?

• unexplained weight loss?

• a history of chronic inflammatory disease?

• carpal tunnel syndrome?

• a sensory peripheral neuropathy with a hand and glove pattern?

• postural hypotension?

• a family history of an unexplained neuromuscular disorder?

• a change in voice?

• periorbital purpura ('raccoon eyes')?

• an abnormal pupillary response?

• vitreous opacities?

• proteinuria with the nephrotic syndrome?

• renal failure without hypertension and with normal sized to enlarged kidneys?

• a history of chronic hemodialysis?

• right sided heart failure in the absence of chest pain or AMI?

• cardiomegaly with restrictive cardiomyopathy?

• loss of heart rate variability?

• low voltage ECG?

• early satiety?

• change in bowel habits?

• macroglossia?

• hepatomegaly?

• subcutaneous depositis?

• alopecia?

• nail dystrophy?

• easy bruisability?

• unexplained anemia?

• isolated Factor 10 deficiency?

• plasma cell dyscrasia?

• monoclonal protein?

• elevated ESR?

• normal C-reactive protein (CRP)?

• Howell Jolly bodies in the absence of splenectomy?


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