Mogensen et al developed an algorithm for diagnosing anemia in small children from an area of rural Tanzania that is endemic for malaria. The algorithm assumes that laboratory facilities are not immediately available. The authors are from Odense University in Denmark, Karolinska Hospital in Stockholm and the Lugala Lutheran Hospital in Tanzania.


Patient selection: child 6 to 36 months old in a region endemic for malaria (Pl. falciparum)


Outcome: severe anemia (hematocrit <= 20%)


The child was predicted to have severe anemia if both of the following are present:

(1) pallor

(2) at least one of the following:

(2a) respiratory rate > 55 breaths per minute

(2b) number of days with fever during the past week > 3 (temperature cutoff not given)


Palpable splenomegaly was also associated with severe anemia.



• The sensitivity was 96% and specificity 71%.


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