The American Academy of Neurology (AAN) AIDS Task Force developed criteria for a number of HIV-related neurologic conditions, including dementia. This can result in significant impairment to the patient.


The HIV-associated dementia complex may affect:

(1) motor function only

(2) behavior only

(3) both motor function and behavior



(1) ability to work at job or at home

(2) activities of daily living (ADL)

(3) social activities and interactions with others

Ability to Work

Activities of Daily Living

Social Activity and Interactions


decreased, unable to do usual job but can do less demanding tasks

decreased capacity but still independent

cannot engage in complicated recreational activities


unable to work, even at home

requires some assistance in ADL

able to communicate basic needs


unable to work, even at home

dependent in all activities

nearly or completely mute




• These criteria leave space for minimal impairment, where the patient can still do usual job and/or there is a minor decrease in hygiene.

• The decrease in performance for a mild impairment should be "conspicuous to others". The minimal impairment might be only obvious to a spouse or close friend.

• There is probably room for a mild to moderate impairment, where a person works fewer hours and able to participate in simple social activities.


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