Amnioinfusion may be associated with adverse events, which can affect the mother and/or fetus.

Patient selection: pregnant woman and fetus


Adverse effects may include:

(1) infection

(2) bleeding (amniotic, placental, uterine, fetal, other)

(3) premature rupture of the membranes (PROM)

(4) threatened preterm delivery

(5) fetal bradycardia

(6) non-reassuring fetal status

(7) abruption

(8) amniotic embolism

(9) organ injury (uterine for maternal; abdominal for fetus)

(10) maternal pulmonary edema

(11) maternal pulmonary embolism

(12) pain

(13) secondary amniotic band syndrome

(14) fetal or maternal death


Risk factors for adverse events:

(1) increased numbers of punctures

(2) large volume of infusate

(3) expertise level of providers

(4) poor visualization on imaging

(5) maternal factors (hypercoagulability, other)

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