Adiposogenital syndrome (Babinski-Frohlich Syndrome, Frolich Syndrome) is caused by damage to the hypothalamus. The patient manifests obesity and deficiencies in pituitary hormones (due to decrease in release hormone from the hypothalamus).

The disorder is more common in males.


Conditions that can damage the hypothalamus include:

(1) pituitary craniopharyngioma

(2) tuberculosis

(3) encephalitis

(4) hypothalamic tumor


Clinical features:

(1) obesity

(2) growth retardation

(3) reduced secretion of gonadotropin with hypogonadism

(4) headaches

(5) polyuria and polydipsia

(6) vision problems

(7) delicate skin

(8) malformed nails

(9) variable mental retardation


Differential diagnosis:

(1) Prader-Willi syndrome

(2) other forms of pediatric obesity

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