Zika virus and other flaviviruses may affect the eyes.

Patient selection: Zika virus infection


The patient may present with reduced visual acuity. The patient may have other signs of a viral infection (fever, headache, rash, arthralgias).


Ophthalmologic manifestations may include:

(1) conjunctivitis

(2) maculopathy

(3) chorioretinitis, placoid or multifocal non-necrotizing

(4) uveitis


Risk factors for more severe disease:

(1) immunocompromised status


The workup for a patient with these findings should include:

(1) molecular tests for dengue, Zika, West Nile and other Flaviviruses based on exposure risk.

(2) imaging of fundus lesions (fluorescein and cyanine green angiography; wide-angle autofluorescence; optical coherence tomography)

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