The American College of Obstetrics and Gynecology (ACOG) has made recommendations for planned home birth. Home delivery can be low-risk only if strict criteria are used to select low-risk pregnancies.


Requirments for planned home delivery – mother and fetus:

(1) mother without pre-existing disease

(2) absence of significant disease during the pregnancy

(3) singleton fetus appropriate for gestational age

(4) cephalic presentation

(5) gestational age from 37 to 40 6/7 weeks (less than 41)

(6) labor is spontaneous or induced as an outpatient

(7) mother not referred from another hospital


Requirements for planned home delivery:

(1) availability of certified birthing professional (nurse midwife, midwife, physician)

(2) availability of 1 or more trained individuals to attend to the newborn infant

(3) consultation readily accessible

(4) safe and reliable transport to a nearby hospital which has a pre-existing arrangement to accept the transfer



(1) prior cesarean delivery (absolute)

(2) non-certified midwife

(3) gestational age less than 37 weeks or 41 weeks or more

(4) pre-existing disease or significant disease during the pregnancy

(5) multiple gestations


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