Mixing certain chemicals in a sealed container can result in a pressure bomb.

Synonyms: bottle bomb, MacGyver bomb


Basic features:

(1) mixture of 2 reactive substances in a sealed container

(2) the reaction generates a gas with or without heat

(3) the rise in pressure is sufficient to cause the container to burst


Reactive mixtures may consist of:

(1) acid and base

(2) reactive metal with (an acid or base)



(1) control of the reaction, with the possibility of an unintended explosion

(2) strength of the container


These are most often made by an adolescent.


These can be relatively innocent or malicious.


A more innocent reaction is to mix vinegar and baking soda. Even this can cause injury if the container explodes closes to someone.


In a malicious bomb the intent is to spread a strong acid and shrapnel onto one or more people.

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