RotaTeq is a new, oral, live virus rotavirus vaccine. It can significantly reduce the risk of acute rotavirus gastroenteritis in infants. However, there are a number of absolute and relative contraindications to its use.


Absolute contraindications:

(1) severe hypersensitivity to any component of the vaccine

(2) severe hypersensitivity reaction to a previous dose of the vaccine

(3) severe congenital immunodeficiency

(4) transplant (hematopoietic, solid organ)


Relative contraindication:

(1) altered immunocompetence (malignant neoplasm, immunosuppressive therapy, high dose systemic corticosteroids, HIV, other immunodeficiency states)

(2) previous episode of intussusception

(3) chronic gastrointestinal disease

(4) administration of first dose after 12 weeks of age

(5) administration of any dose after 32 weeks of age


Temporary Deferral:

(1) recent infusion of immunoglobulin or blood product (usually 42 days, less if infant is <= 13 weeks old)

(2) regurgitation of vaccine dose (regurgitated dose should not be readministered; other doses are given according to dose schedule)

(3) acute gastroenteritis

(4) other concurrent moderate-to-severe illness


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