An aberrant right subclavian artery can be associated with compression of the esophagus, resulting in dysphagia lusoria ("lusus" = mutation, congenital anomaly).



(1) congenital anomaly of the right subclavian artery. The artery arises from the descending aorta from below the origin of the left subclavian artery, then passes behind the esophagus.

(2) dysphagia

(3) variable claudication of the right extremity


Dysphagia is more common if there is another vascular abnormality present:

(1) aneurysm of the right subclavian artery

(2) Kommerell's diverticulum or aneurysm (a congenital dilation of the proximal descending aorta)


The dysphagia resolves if the patient undergoes surgery to correct the vascular abnormalities.


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