Tuomilehto et al identified lifestyle changes that a person with impaired glucose tolerance can make to avoid progression to Type 2 diabetes. Failure to make these changes resulted in a significantly higher risk of progression. The authors are from the Finnish Diabetes Prevention Study Group.


Patient selection: middle-aged adults with body mass index around 31 kg per square meter


Lifestyle changes that may help prevent progression to Type 2 diabetes:

(1) weight reduction > 5% (weight after intervention < 95% of baseline weight)

(2) intake of saturated fat < 10% of caloric intake

(3) total fat intake < 30% of caloric intake

(4) fiber intake > 15 grams per 1,000 kcal

(5) regularly exercising > 4 hours per week at a moderate intensity


Monitoring of the patient should be performed at least annually.


After the end of 4 years 23% of people who did not change their lifestyle had diabetes vs 11% of those who did.


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