The 2001 Stages of Reproductive Aging Workshop (STRAW) divided female repoductive aging into various stages.

Patient selection: healthy women with regular cycles during reproductive years




early reproductive (starts with menarche)


peak reproductive


late reproductive (regular menstrual cycles but rising serum FSH)


early menopausal transition period (variability in menstrual cycle)


late menopausal transition period (onset of skipped cycles or amenorrhea of at least 60 days)


final menstrual period (FMP)


early postmenopausal


late postmenopausal



Rahman et al used a somewhat abbreviated form.


Menstrual Cycle


minor changes in cycle length


increasing irregularity of menses without skipping periods after a previously regular cycle

early perimenopausal

menstruation in the previous 2 to 12 months but not in past 3 months

late perimenopausal

no menstrual bleeding in the previous 12 months



This means that the classification of postmenopausal is a retrospective diagnosis.

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