The World Health Organization (WHO) reported various types of contact to Ebola or Marburg Virus Disease.

The window of an exposure is 21 days.


Types of contact:

(1) human contact (see below)

(2) contact with a sick or dead animal (see below)

(3) laboratory direct contact with a biological specimen from an infected person or animal

(4) hospital where an infected person is being treated


Human contact may include:

(1) sleeping the same household

(2) direct physical contact

(3) direct contact with a deceased person

(4) direct contact with blood or bodily fluids, including being breastfed

(5) contact with a patient's bedding or clothes


Animal contact may include:

(1) direct physical contact with an infected animal

(2) direct contact with blood or body fluids

(3) butchering a carcass

(4) eating raw bush meat

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