Are you evaluating a patient for risk factors associated with serious vibrio infection?

Age of the patient


Does the patient have ...

• chronic liver disease including hepatitis and/or cirrhosis?

• a history of heavy alcohol consumption?

• thalassemia major?

• hemochromatosis?

• HIV infection?

• an immunodeficiency state?

• hematologic malignancy (lymphoma, leukemia)?

• carcinoma?

• hemolytic anemia?

• peptic ulcer disease?

• chronic heart disease?

• chronic renal disease?

• diabetes mellitus?

• achlorhydria or drug-induced reduction in gastric acid?

Has the patient had ...

• recent gastrointestinal surgery, such as gastrectomy?

• immunosuppressive and/or steroid therapy?

• organ transplantation, especially liver?

• splenectomy?

• chronic intravenous iron infusions?


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