The World Health Organization (WHO) has developed a new case definition for the diagnosis of dengue.


Criteria for a cliical diagnosis of dengue - all of the following:

(1) residence or travel to an area endemic for dengue

(2) fever (temperature >= 38°C or history of fever lasting 2-7 days)

(3) 2 or more additional clinical findings (see below)

(4) exclusion of other diagnoses that explain the findings better



• Illness during a dengue outbreak might be more flexible.


Additional clinical findings:

(1) nausea and/or vomiting

(2) rash

(3) aches and pains

(4) tourniquet test positive

(5) leukepenia

(6) any warning sign (see below)


Warning signs:

(1) abdominal pain or tenderness

(2) persistent vomiting

(3) clinical fluid accumulation

(4) mucosal bleeding

(5) lethargy or restlessness

(6) hepatomegaly > 2 cm

(7) increase in hematocrit (hemoconcentration) AND sudden decrease in platelet count to < 100,000 per µL (thrombocytopenia)


Laboratory confirmation requires some form of evidence:

(1) positive RT-PCR reaction

(2) seroconversion

(3) IgM anti-dengue antibody


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