Are you swimming in a natural body of water?

Do you swim when ...

• there is obvious pollution (oil, floating debris, dead fish, etc.)?

• the water is stagnant?

• the water temperature is > 80°F?

• there is green scum on the surface of the water?

• after a heavy rain?

• near a storm drain?

• after the site has been posted as unsafe by the local health department?

When you swim do you ...

• swallow water?

• hold your nose or wear nose plugs when jumping into the water?

• wear ear plugs?

• wear swim goggles?

• shower before and after swimming?

• wash any cuts or scrapes with soap and water after swimming?

• swim underwater if any risk factors are present?

Are you swimming with infants or small children?

Do you take the children to a restroom frequently?

Do you use a swim diaper for an infant?

Do you let a child with diarrhea swim?


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