Are you evaluating a patient for clinical evidence of scurvy?

Age of the patient


Is the patient a refugee or displaced person?

Is the patient malnourished?

Is the patient a heavy cigarette smoker?

Is the patient an alcoholic?

Does the patient have a severe mental illness?

Is the patient undergoing hemo- or peritoneal dialysis?

Does the patient eat an abnormal diet devoid of vegetables and vitamins?

Does the patient show?

• petechiae?

• purpura or ecchymosis?

• subperiosteal hemorrhage?

• bleeding gums?

• intracranial hemorrhage?

• conjunctival hemorrhages?

• gingival swelling and gingivitis?

• loose or missing teeth?

• scurvy buds on the gingiva?

• bowing of long bones in the lower extremities?

• a scorbutic rosary?

• tender or aching limbs?

• anemia?

• hyperkeratosis?

• abnormal wound healing?

• poor localization of bacterial infections?

• fatigue or weakness?


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