Lunardi et al identified risk factors associated with unplanned readmission following an admission for trauma. These can help to identify a patient who may benefit from more careful follow-up after discharge. The authors are from Johns Hopkins University, New York-Presbyterian Columbia University Medical Center, Kentucky University Medical Center, University of Toronto and University of Arizona.

Patient selection: admission for trauma


Outcome: unplanned readmission in the 6 months after discharge


Risk factors from multivariate logistic regression analysis:

(1) male sex (aOR 1.1)

(2) increased comorbidities by the Elixhauser score (aOR 1.21)

(3) Medicaid (aOR 1.5) or Medicare (aOR 1.7)

(4) prolonged length of stay (aOR 1.01)

(5) burns (aOR 2.1)

(6) discharge against medical advice (aOR 1.9), to a short-term hospital (aOR 1.6),to a skilled nursing facility (aOR 1.4) or for home health care (aOR 1.3)

(7) private investor-owned (aOR 1.2)


An operative procedure was associated with a lower risk (aOR 0.73).


The reasons for the readmission were not reported

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