A bicyclist is at risk for a number of compression neuropathies. Compression ulnar neuropathy associated with gripping the handlebar is relatively common.


Risk factors:

(1) novice or long distance rider

(2) absence of padding tape on the handlebar

(3) gloves with little or no padding

(4) excessive vibration while riding (may grip tighter and experience greater forces)

(5) constantly gripping the handlebar

(6) continuing to ride while symptomatic

(7) improper fitting of bike, seat and handlebars, with increased body weight supported by the hands while riding


Protective measures to reduce the risk of ulnar neuropathy:

(1) periodically releasing the grip on the handlebars

(2) wearing padded gloves

(3) wrapping padded tape around the handlebar

(4) not riding until asymptomatic

(5) proper fitting of bike, seat and handlebars


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