Are you evaluating a patient for Pseudomonas infection following bathing or swimming?

Was the onset of symptoms within 5 days of using a hot tub, whirlpool, swimming pool or wading pool?

Does the patient have a dermatitis with rash, papules, vesicles, and/or pustules?

Is the dermatitis most noticeable over the buttocks, hips, axilla, arms or lateral thighs?

Does the patient have?

• a low grade fever?

• a feeling of general malaise?

• headache?

• lymphadenopathy?

• painful or tender subcutaneous nodules?

• otitis externa or otitits media?

• mastitis?

• conjunctivitis?

• rhinitis?

• pneumonia?

• a urinary tract infection?

Has Pseudomonas aeruginosa been isolated on culture?


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