Are you evaluating a person for monkeypox?

Has the person had an exposure to an animal or person with possible monkeypox?

Has the person had an exposure to an orthopoxvirus other than monkeypox?

Has the person become symptomatic within 21 days of the possible exposure?

Has the patient developed ...

• fever (temperature >= 99.3°F or >= 37.4 °C)?

• a macular, papular, vesicular and/or pustular skin rash?

• chills?

• sweats?

• headache?

• backache?

• lymphadenopathy?

• sore throat?

• cough?

• shortness of breath (dyspnea)?

Has testing demonstrated ...

• monkeypox in virus culture?

• monkeypox DNA by PCR done on a good patient specimen?

• an orthopox virus on electron microscopy?

• an orthopoxvirus on immunohisto-chemistry of a biopsy?

• appearance of IgM antibody to monkeypox 7 to 56 days after onset of symptoms?

Is there an alternative diagnosis that can explain all of the findings?

Has testing of the possible source excluded the possibility of monkeypox?


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