Cronobacter infections have been related to infants consuming powdered milk formula.

Previous name: Enterobacter sakazakii


Mechanism of infection: resistance to desiccation associated with biofilms



(1) poor feeding

(2) irritability and excessive crying

(3) temperature change

(4) jaundice

(5) grunting breaths

(6) abnormal movements, including seizures

(7) lethargy

(8) rash

(9) hematuria


Most common infections:

(1) sepsis

(2) meningitis

(3) necrotizing enterocolitis



(1) isolation of Cronobactersakazakii from patient

(2) evidence of Cronobactersakazakii in infant formula

(3) variable presence of other cases of Cronobacter infection

(4) exclusion of other diagnoses

(5) exclusion of other sources of infection

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