Night blindness refers to poor vision in dim light or at night. It may be caused by a range of conditions.

Causes of night blindness Include:

(1) vitamin A deficiency

(2) carbon monoxide poisoning

(3) anemia

(4) congenital high myopia

(5) diffuse corneal opacities (keratitis, corneal edema, cataract)

(6) vitreous opacities

(7) glaucoma

(8) paraneoplastic retinopathy

(9) optic atrophy

(10) Refsum disease

(11) status post refractive surgery

(12) retinal detachment

(13) drugs affecting the retina

(14) retinitis pigmentosa

(15) congenital night blindness

(16) Drusen

(17) optic atrophy

(18) retinitis punctata albescens

(19) choroidal sclerosis

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