Are you evaluating a patient with left ventricular hypertrophy?

Does the patient have?

• hypertension?

• aortic stenosis?

• sarcoidosis?

• hemochromatosis?

Does the ECG show?

• QS waves in consecutive leads without any other evidence of cardiac ischemia ('pseudoinfarct')?

• a cardiac arrhythmia?

Does cardiac catheterization show?

• elevated diastolic pressures in both ventricles?

• a dip and plateau pattern in the right coronary artery pressure tracing?

Does echocardiography show?

• diastolic dysfunction?

• concentric myocardial hypertrophy?

• a granular, sparkling myocardium?

Select an appropriate answer for each finding

ECG voltage amplitude

Coronary arteries on catheterization


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